Grow an Existing Business

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How do I qualify for support?

You have to pay Business Rates or Council Tax to Sheffield City Council. There are no age or size constraints on the businesses we can work with. Tel: 0800 043 55 22.

How much does it cost?

All Business Sheffield support is free. Initial support from our third party providers is also free.

How long can I obtain support for?

As long as you need it, although we would hope that, through our intervention, you will need us less as you become more successful.

Are there any grants available?

Currently we have no grants available; however we may be able to help with access to other areas of finance such as Start-up loans at 6%.

What is the process I will have to go through?

Following your call to the Gateway our team will have a conversation with you regarding your current situation. You will encouraged to either attend a specific workshop or directly work with a Business Advisor depending on where you are currently at and your aspirations for the business. You may be experiencing an issue that you need help with right now and our Advisors are on-hand to help.

What happens next?

If necessary, we will enhance our support by utilising our bank of professional intermediaries. They will provide specific support to assist us in developing a sustainable Growth Plan for your business. This will provide a clear strategic path, enabling you take your business to the next level.

What is my Growth Plan?

It is a series of actions delivered by you, together with your Advisor, which will get you on the way to where you aspire to be. It will involve a series of actions devised to be managed so that the growth of your business is sustainable.

What if I have an immediate problem, no growth aspirations and just need to survive?

We are here to help and will try to assist you in solving the problems that face your business. Call us on 0800 043 55 22.

Is your help impartial, or will you try to sell us something?

All our help is impartial, objective and honest. We have no agenda and do not sell third party services or goods. We may recommend that you purchase some equipment or service but only if it is good for your business. If we do we will provide a list of providers for you to choose from.

What are the timescales?

They are as long or short as they need to be. We will set these out in the Growth Plan which all parties will agree on. We like to develop sustainable relationships with all our clients so they know they can come back to us at anytime.

Why come to Business Sheffield?

There is no other organisation providing free impartial business support to established businesses in Sheffield on an on-going basis. We have a wealth of experience and have a wide network of contacts that we can call on.


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