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“Meetings with industry professionals really helped us”, Crystal Clean Service Ltd

Crystal Clean Service Ltd is an award winning commercial cleaning and hygiene service provider.

They work predominantly within large offices, business centres, car dealerships and manufacturing and engineering industries. Since being founded in 2008 Crystal Clean has grown from 1 to over 50 employees and has recently moved into the Sheffield area. Some of their clients you might have heard of include GK Ford, Chesterfield Special Cylinders and PCMS Engineering

SENTA have assisted us with one of our biggest barriers to growth which is sales and marketing. This might sound bizarre for a company that has grown as we have but our growth has been achieved by recommendation, referrals and business networking.  This is of course the very best way to grow any business but we felt that there were other and in some cases much bigger opportunities for us to take hold of but in order to do this we needed to make those much dreaded sales calls.

Through SENTA we have been able to access sales training and assistance with our marketing plan. This teamed with 1-2-1 meetings with industry professionals really helped us to re-evaluate our situation and make definitive marketing and sales plans to aid our growth plans and make our vision a more realistic goal.

SENTA have been an asset to our business. They have helped us to reduce one of our barriers to growth and make our vision a feel much more realistic and achievable. We still have work to do on this but it has been a very interesting process so far and I am glad we have been able to access this support in Sheffield through the Enterprise Programme.

Crystal Clean Service Ltd

Unit 16 SCEDU
53 Mowbray Street
S3 8EN

Tel: 0114 361 0090


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