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A Unique Football Inspired Boutique

From Sheffield UK, the birthplace of the modern game, goalsoul bring you striking apparel that is heavy on style, quality and originality.

Founded in the autumn of 2010, the goalsoul studio serves as the base for creating and delivering engaging, compelling clothing that pays a tribute to the most beautiful game of all.

Goalsoul craft visually stunning, thought-provoking interpretations of stories inspired by the game’s rich history and cultural tapestry : the memorable incidents; the iconic teams and characters, both noble and ignoble.

From creative concepts to customer care, the same degree of pride and satisfaction is taken to ultimately establish goalsoul as the brand of choice for today’s discerning and globally aware football connoisseur.


The quote on this tee shirt is attributed to Jim Beglin, Grobbelaar’s team mate at Liverpool FC

He called me something unrepeatable. I told him where to go and he hit me. I thought, I’ve got to hit him back and then you realise that Bruce was a jungle fighter….so it was probably best to leave it.”

Cristian Bustamante, one of the goalsoul directors, had this to say about the level of support they have received from SENTA; “ Huge thanks to all at Sheffield Enterprise Agency, for being supportive and acting as a sounding board for much of our business advice and guidance. They have really shown an understanding of the potential of our business idea, with a real affinity for what we were trying to achieve from the start. This has helped us shape a sustainable growth plan, which has seen us develop from a ‘hits-and-clicks’ company to a ‘clicks-and-mortar’ business within two years of our first meeting.”


Goal Soul Ltd
283 Sharrow Vale Road
Sheffield S11 8ZF

Telephone: 0114 266 3374

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